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So excited to have over the blog a great mentor, friend and colleague. Helena Brazilian from birth and American from love, share her wisdom from sunny San Diego California. My honor to introduce you this amazing woman.

About. Who’s Helena Alkhas as Professional Organizer?

I started organizing professionally in 2010 when a fellow mom’s marriage was on the brink of divorce and her clutter was a big part of it. Helping others while organizing, which is something I always enjoyed doing and had sharpened as a Navy wife and mother of multiples was the perfect combination for me.

That same week I joined NAPO and the ICD and have continuously invested in my education and in the understanding of disorganization to be a great resource and support to my clients.

Since then I have worked in many types of organizing projects and with all types of clients. These experiences have taught me which ones are the best match for my skills and my personality.


Blog. What’s behind your blog’s name, Life Can Be Simpler?

As a mother of 3 young boys, spouse of a dedicated gynecological oncologist in the Navy, I know life in our time is busy, very busy. The level of consumerism, professional demands, the activities in which kids and families are involved, all that takes a huge toll in our quality of life and in our relationships. My goal is to share organizing and lifestyle tips that will help people live a simplified life so they have time for what matters. We all deserve to create a life we love and should all dedicate ourselves to it.

Double. Being Professional Organizer is one side of you. Do you double your activities doing some other job in the same industry?

Yes. In 2013 I became a NAPO instructor to new professional organizers offering NAPO’s first class in Spanish, I consult businesses in the organizing industry and coach professional organizers in Brazil.

Expertise. Based on your years of experiences, which symptoms should we be most concerned with? How do we know if we need organizing help?

We all can live with some level of disorganization and still thrive in it but when it starts affecting our ability to manage the essential parts of life and well-being, then it’s time to stop and consider looking for help.

Grant. Do you have any advice about organization in general?

I work with very busy professionals who are also parents and the management of their homes become a great source of anxiety. I have learned to look for done rather than perfect and to keep our schedules as simple as possible, and I encourage my clients to review and change theirs whenever possible.

Many times in the name of perfection we’ll postpone doing the simplest thing, even folding the laundry because it “should” be done a certain way, and often times we over commit just because we believe this is the “right” thing to do. I believe that by staying focused on our priorities and on what feeds our hearts is the path to a full and healthy life.

House.  A house is not always a home; how do you teach people to care about creating a home they love?

Being a military spouse I have moved 6 times in 11 years and I have learned that home is where your heart is. Moving so often also taught me to keep things lean and to only keep what we love. These items, our routines, our family culture are what make any house a home for us.

Important. How important is it to build a life with rich experiences instead of things?

Absolutely. Experiences are permanent and you’ll never lose them or the lessons they taught you. Things have a place in our lives, they serve a function according to the value we impart to them. I find it essential to stay centered in growing as human beings, in pursuing the activities we’re interested in and not let the management of the things that are part of our lives take center stage.

Joy. Is your career, as a professional organizer,  bringing you joy? 

Being a professional organizer has been rewarding both personally and professionally. I have received and learned from every interaction with clients, colleagues, and mentors as well as given my very best to each person I serve. I look forward to many years to come and to what the future will bring.

Helena, what pleasure knowing a little more of you as person as well as professional organizer. My gratitude to you for being such a great inspiration to me and now to others. Women be conscious about having a family is not an obstacle to being productive.


Helena Alkhas’ Bio

Mother of Twins + 1, Navy wife, friend, creative mind and lover of beautiful things, I give you all the tips and tools to get your life organized! Helena is enthusiastic, non-judgmental and passionate about her work. She loves working with people, no matter where they are in life. Connect with me through Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn

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