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Leticia Rocha – Retired Lecturer

At University Of Guadalajara

And Lupus Survivor

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I have more than 30 years of friendship with this outstanding woman. A cult person and bursting in desire to learn, among a disciplined life, worth of admiration. I want her telling us the story of her life.

Leticia Rocha in my eyes is like excellence synonym. Who is Leticia for those that don’t know you?

I was born in the Anniversary Of Mexican Revolution, November 20th of 1951. Eighth out of eleven siblings, I hold a degree in Pharmacobiology Chemistry and a Master’s Degree in Science Teaching. Not only I studied science, also I’ve got studies in Danzon (Mexican style of dancing), and a certificate degree as Trainer for Teachers in Sex Education, just for mention a range of them.

I am a woman with a successful career and always looking to develop both, spiritual and personal aspects of my life. I’m grateful to God for what I am and what I have, grateful for learning no matter what life brought upon me, getting strengths from them and realizing how fragile we are in this world.

Between chemistry and teaching. What do you reckon is missing to get us more interested in science in order to create a modern and current way of thinking?

One way to approach to the possible true of anything, is through the scientific knowledge and all the different branches of science. Human thought is so diverse and temporal, always will be changing, one path to understand and comprehend our reality is knowing its very nature.

Today, women are more likely to get involved in science, but this happen now because has been a constant fight for gender equality. Are modern women more curious about science and breaking traditional molds?

Interest in science has no gender, the less society discriminates against women will be more likely to them to achieve great development in scientific fields, with equal abilities and skills than men.

I remember you being hard worker and always learning something new, I also remember you fulfilling your duty as mother and wife. Which are in your experience the keys to have time and activities set to achieving that?

The love is key, love to make your activities, to have strength on responsible attending your work and home, giving each one their rightful time and space. Solving problems every day in the best mood.

For many years you’ve been fighting against Lupus disease, I know as a matter of fact, not many of us have a clear idea of what are its implications. Would it be insensible of me, asking you to share a glimpse about this disease?

Let me put it in a simple way. Lupus is a rheumatology genetic disease, is chronic, swallows and attack all the body cells, ergo, there isn’t a single organ or system in your body that keeps free from it. Your body as response, produces antibodies against your own organism tissues, having said that, you develop various symptoms depending on which organ is having a crisis. There are several types of lupus, according what part of the body is affected, in my case I have systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), and this one compromises various organs. You can keep the disease in control for a long time and suddenly crash down the minute your immune system is low by physical, emotional or environmental stress, just for mention some reasons.

Discipline plays a huge role in every goal we have. Managing your disease is no exception to that rule. To be fair, how does discipline influence you in order to maintain a good life quality upon Lupus?

You couldn’t be more precise, you need to control and maintain your organism, taking care of the physical aspects (eating healthy, exercising, etc.), the emotional side (managing emotions properly) and spiritually (loving acceptance).

What signs do we need to keep a close look on, so we can be a step ahead this autoimmune disease called lupus?

This disease it’s quite problematic about signs, because is also known as The Big Pretender, its symptoms are pretty changing and ambiguous, and doctors get confused thinking on other diseases. It goes undetectable until the patient is submitted to very specific immunological tests, then upon that, it’s possible identify what kind of lupus the patient is dealing with. One classic symptom is chronic fatigue, organs swollen, among others. Is key to know what pathological genealogy runs in the family, looking for rheumatological conditions.

My intention with October Women Series is to portray a wide range of characters that could role models to other women and also men. Could you tell us about your perspective on achieving professional goals?

First of all in mean to achieve a goal. Having a reason why, it opens to an infinite unknown abilities, those will work together reaching out your dreams. Achievements aren’t easy, you need to put effort, tenacity, knowledge, etc. And think about that a goal it’s not the end of the road, the real joy is living the whole process.

Success is a very daunting word. It gets confuse with money, don’t misunderstand me, we need money to live, but success is more complex and have a depth and a richness to it. Do you feel successful?

I will going beyond success, my answer would be I feel happy. You reach for happiness, misfortunes never come alone.

Your definition of being a woman

A whole sea of emotions depending on hormones. A world of skill sets an abilities always open to discover. A being never-ending growing.

Do you want to share something else?

I like to say, I volunteer at FIORE, a foundation that supports children with cancer, it’s a labor of love helping the kids to keep their education on track in the meantime they are in treatment. Also we support their families. I want to make emphasis because we are always in need of more people who volunteered.

I feel blessed having your answers on my blog and having the chance sharing them with many people, bringing attention about the different strengths of women, their professionalism, and as in your case, raising awareness to a disease not many know about. Thank you


Leticia Rocha. Bio.

I’m a retiree lecturer from University Of Guadalajara since 2012. My areas of expertise were materials chemistry and technology. Widow and mother of a son and three daughters, all married now, I have 8 grandchildren and one more to come. I’m President to an Association Of Professors at CUCEI. I volunteer in the Association of Retired Employees From CUCEI. I’m constantly travelling both, national and international, taking advantage from the time I’m in good health, because I know for sure, that at certain point, I won’t be able to do it. Talking about lupus, thank God, I’m still a survivor since I’ve got two siblings who died of this disease.

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